Suivez la construction de nos voiliers-cargos

The Anemos is being built by the French shipyard Piriou. The hull of the first vessel was welded in Romania and then towed to southern Brittany in the summer of 2023. The sailing-cargo vessel is now in Concarneau. Delivery is scheduled for the summer of 2024!


Boom installation, 10 tonnes to the millimetre!


And boom the boom


Anemos is eventually masted!


Installation of the first mast !


Here come the masts!

Our two masts have just arrived alongside sailing vessel ”Anemos”.


Yes, she floats!


Launching in Concarneau


Sunset in Concarneau


Visiting Concarneau...


TIMELAPSE - The hull drying process as if you were there


Put out to dry!

That’s it, the hull has left its natural element to be put out to dry! First of all, it will be given a facelift with the repainting of the exterior, and then the start of the fitting-out phase with the laying of electrical cables, insulation and the laying of floating floors.


The hull has arrived in Concarneau!

A look back at this event, which will go down as one of the finest moments in our history…

Thank you to those who have been with us since the beginning, and thank you to those who joined us along the way. It’s a real pleasure to be able to take you on board our adventure! ✨


The arrival of the hull - what a thrill! 🤩

As we announced a few weeks ago, here we are: after almost a year of construction at the PIRIOU yard in Romania, the hull of the boat arrived in the port of Concarneau this morning.

It is with great joy and excitement that Guillaume Le Grand and Diana Mesa finally present ‘ANEMOS’, our very first cargo sailboat ⛵🌊

ANEMOS is also the name of our label, the guarantee of eco-responsibility affixed to the products transported by TOWT. It is the symbol of our corporate responsibility, our commitment to the climate and the integrity of our raison d’être.

Next steps: masting and fitting out. Stay tuned!


Interview with Michel Le Bouëdec

Relive the departure of the hull from Giurgiu, bound for Concarneau!


The hull leaves Giurgiu

TOWT’s first sailing cargo ship’s hull has been built in Piriou Romania, in Giurgiu on the Danube. A tugboat is taking her to Brittany to be fitted and rigged. Leaving its first cradle, on July 21st 2023, we were there and that’s the video. Quite magic already.


On the way

The first #sailingcargo #TOWT left Giurgiu on 21 July, for the moment no #bysail, the ETA in Constantza is scheduled for that day.
You can follow the convoy on AIS.
The two tugs are “COREMAR 15” and “COREMAR 16”.
👇 Click here to track

The vessel will then be taken in charge on 02/08 in Constantza by the tug “HUNTER”:
👇 Click here to track
The ETA in Concarneau PIRIOU will be announced at a later date.

Hopefully before 31 August!



Concrete, emotional, and the birth – on live – of the soul of a great sailing ship.

And a responsibility: to give #bysail, during the life of this future ship, its rightful place in a truly low-carbon world.

From now on, things are going to be moving “all over the place”.


TOWT's Sailing Cargo vessel #1 reaches for water.

History’s first modern sailing cargo vessel has just reached for water in its Romanian berth, on the Danube.

She will slowly be towed, via the Black, Agean, Mediterranean seas, the Bosporus, Dardanelles and Gibraltar straits, up the Biscay to Brittany!

Indeed, she is expected in Concarneau (Southern Finistere) for fitting, rigging, etc.

This 18th of July 2023 is a historic day, not only for TOWT, but, in the aftermath of a most disappointing MEPC80 at the IMO, for the future capacity of maritime shipping to decarbonise, and for maniking to be able to keep trading across the oceans without further damaging the climate.


Painting the hull (it's almost ready)


At Romania, it takes colour


Painting the hull


Painting - Interview with Bogdan BUDACU


Laurent BOUYSSOU in charge !

Laurent Bouyssou, always too humble, joined TOWT 4 years ago, and he has clearly more than contributed to imagining and designing the ship. The #SailingCargoShip is a bit like his baby!

As fleet manager, Laurent is in charge of everything to do with construction, operations, sailors, etc. Based on the 45th parallel, Laurent supervises the various shipyards on the high seas, while continuing to sail between Le Havre and Concarneau.

Laurent explains, in perfect English, in this interview from early June, that we’re just about half way through the construction process, that all the steel is there and that things are really taking shape 🙂

Already, it’s Concarneau that is on everyone’s mind, as the towing becomes more precise and we should see the bow of the big raft rounding the Point de Trévignon well before the 31st of August!

Of course, “We have very often requests for crew members coming from other companies because people want to participate to decarbonisation and look after the Earth and the future of their children.


The hull is almost ready to be moved to France


Aurel, our chief mechanic in Romania. And would you like a good tip?

A marathon runner, merchant navy officer, naval architect and sailor, Aurel BONNIN followed the construction of the TOWT cargo sailing ships, before embarking as chief mechanic.


Moving & mounting the blocks

It is in this dazzling steel cathedral that these blocks, which seem almost light even though they weigh several dozen tons, soar high.

It is under these columns dedicated to the birth of great ships that great specialists, by the hundreds, put their best skills to the benefit of the great ship that takes shape under their precise gestures.

A look back at the construction of the first modern cargo ship #ClassePhénix at Piriou Romania in Giurgiu.


"The Ship Focuses on Everything", first contact with the first sailing cargo ship

Guillaume Le Grand, CEO, and Diana Mesa, Managing Director, visit the construction site in Romania, with their family!


The first modern cargo ship rises above its keel, forged by golden hands.

Visit to the industrial site by our technical team in Romania


The first modern cargo ship rises above its keel, forged by golden hands.

It was on the banks of the Danube, at Piriou Romania, that Diana and Guillaume, associates, in company and in family with Olympe and Inès, were able to inspect the first cargo ship of the modern fleet, the Phoenix class “Anemos”


The blocks are still being assembled...


Moving blocks


Innovation in sail propulsion.


Classification certificate


Assembly of the first blocks


Interview with Michel Le Bouëdec, CEO Piriou Romania

Michel Le Bouëdec has a rare shipbuilding experience. Being in charge of such a building project comes in as a climax of his career. Giving his best to meet a real technical challenge so as to provide future generations with a new climate-friendly vessel and… simply with hope.


Keel laying


Keel laying


Steel-cutting genesis

The steel-cutting process is a key moment in the life of the vessel. Because sailing ships have a soul, one can say that she is now born.


A ship was born

On September 27, 2022, the construction of the first #TOWT cargo ship, a company founded in 2011, began with the cutting of the first sheet at the ATG Piriou yard.

Contract signing
Since 2011, TOWT has been transporting goods by sail.

Since the summer of 2022 the first fleet of modern cargo sailboats in sisterships is currently under construction.
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