Suivez la construction de nos voiliers-cargos

Our masts are manufactured in the workshops of the French company Lorima, in Lorient.
They will be fitted to the ships at the Piriou shipyards in Concarneau and Ho Chi Minh.


Made in Lorient, the masts have arrived at Concarneau's Shipyard


Quality control is done by ultrasound!


The Phoenix class masts

Rigging, draping, autoclaving, splicing, laminating, roughening, fittings, welded, that’s our jargon. Our words for our masts. Some terms are very old, others very recent, reflecting the alliance between sailing, an age-old technique, and the new composites of today and tomorrow.


And yes... it's with carbon masts that we decarbonise!

And yes… it’s with carbon masts that we decarbonise!

To propel our sailing cargo ships, which will be carrying more than a thousand tonnes of cargo, across the oceans by the force of the wind, we need a #powerful rig, a #stable ship, and for that we need exceptional masts.

At TOWT, looking back over the centuries of great sailing ships that have made us what we are, we are delighted to benefit from the very latest technologies, the associated skills and the unique savoir-faire of LORIMA, with whom, from #Lorient, we are resolutely entering this century, because we need to give mankind a chance to be around for a long time to come!

These masts and this concentration of technologies allow us, who have been outfitting tall ships since 2011, to offer, along with transport sails, an alternative that provides a concrete, transparent and integrated response to the decarbonisation of #maritime, under the banner of #Anemos.

Thank you Yann, Arthur, Antoine, Philippe!


The process of making the mast


First tracks of the mast

Contract signing
Since 2011, TOWT has been transporting goods by sail.

Since the summer of 2022 the first fleet of modern cargo sailboats in sisterships is currently under construction.
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